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Issue w/Intellivision upgrade

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

I was planning on running the Intellivision unit in the UC area using updated video out with a kit I bought from 8bitdomain. Well, I finally got the thing installed today, and it doesn’t work!!! ๐Ÿ™

At this point, I will be double checking this thing on Saturday, more than likely. I have my doubts though, as I followed the install instructions to the letter. But, I may have missed something, and I hope I did. If not, the INTV unit will still be at the show, but it will be using old RF instead…

Update on Saturday on this development.

Intellivision ready for show!

Monday, May 28th, 2007

The last, but not the least important system, is now ready for the MGC show!

I have not gotten the Intellivision video upgrade done yet, but either way (and I hope I get it done), the Intellivision is now officially in the show. Nice, because this is the last system to be finalized for the Underdog Chamber for ’07. The reason I am putting it into a ready status is that I finally got my Cuttle Cart 3 up and running. Chad and a friend of his updated the Mac software, which now works just great. Combine this with some momentary headaches trying to get my MicroSD card to work, and I now have a lot of game available for the show, without having to bring all of my games!

I’ll have to admit that the memory card problems kind of made me mad somewhat, just because it is so darn odd – and was frustrating at first. For both Cuttle Carts II and III, I could not initially get the memory cards that they need loaded with any games, mainly because my Mac (or my one PC) would not see the card(s)!? For the MMC card, I ended up buying a newer card reader, which worked for that. For the Intellivision, the new card reader also was supposed to work with MicroSD cards. Well, it didn’t, much to my frustration. Just for the heck of it, I tried it on the old card reader (which is not supposed to work with MicroSD Cards), and the darn thing worked!? So, as the original Willy Wonka said, “strike that, reverse it!” I’m just glad I got this stuff working.

Now I can get on with getting the instruction cards ready for Quake, and making up UC signs to put around my area as well. Plus I am going to try to make some plastic shields for the game systems, so that people can’t just come up and mess with my multi-carts! I hope I get these done, but if not, I’ll just have to keep a sharp eye on people.

Only 12 days to the show (11 before I start setting up!).

Cuttle Cart II main screen – Intellivision and CC3 in action!
G7400 in action Clay Pigeon

Close-up of Intellivision – The Cuttle Cart 3 (without case, of course)
Close-up of G7400 ComWorld video convertor

Last system almost ready

Friday, May 25th, 2007

I’ve been messing around a bit (while I can – have to work for now) with the Cuttle Cart 3 and the Intellivision itself. I have 4 INTV units: 1 just shows the screen (bad board – no controllers work); 1 scrambles the screen after a bit with any game; 1 need cart port cleaning badly, and one works great. Only issue with the really good one, like last year, it has the add-on joysticks. I had people complaining about them last year, so I bought a cheap INTV off of ebay. Got it today, and so far it is working very well. I will be takikng it apart and cleaning it in a day or two, and if this things is up to snuff, it will get the video upgrade.

As for the Cuttle Cart 3, the software is having issues on my Mac (sorry – but the software was not written properly). I will be using my old XP PC to load the memory cards to the Cuttle Cart, probably on Monday. So, the Intellivision should finally get the offficial ‘in the show’ announcement early next week. And that will be it for systems this year!

After that, it is a matter of creating instructions for the Quake LAN, printing up signs for my UC area, and a few other details that have to be done.n And of course getting things packed up and ready for the ride out to Oconomowoc. Then comes the show! Looking forward to it!

C7030 Ramcart tested and working!

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

As promised, I hooked up my Mac and tested the Ramcart with the Keyspan serial adaptor I bought a while back. With the help of Ted’s “O2Sender” program, I can now send any program (well, almost any) to the G7400 or Odyssey2, using my old iBook computer. This will save me time and space, as I don’t have to lug my old PC (yeah, I have “1” Windows PC) and monitor to the show! I will running a working version of Tutankham, which will be on sale very soon from Classic Consoles Center. Look for an announcement soon for you Odyssey2/Videopac collectors!

G7400 and Odyssey2 set for UC ’07!

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

I got my G7400 back in the mail yesterday. Hooked it up today with my power convertor (120 to 220v) and the video convertor (Pal to NTSC) as well. All worked like a champ on my 19″ television, using composite video / audio cables. I tested a few cartridges on the system, especially ‘+’ graphic games, along with Clay Pigeon+ (which I just got recently) and Puzzle Piece Panic (which I finally played for the first time – darn good game!). Of course, I also tested some Voice games, as this G7400 has a Voice built into it now (thank to Renรƒยฉ van den Enden!). Great to hear the Voice sound coming out of the TV!

Thus, with this rather simple testing out of the way, the Philips G7400 system is officially in the Underdog Chamber for ’07. I still need to test the RamCart on it, but that isn’t 100% necessary for the show. I hope to try this later today/tonight though, as there are a few games that I only can display using the RamCart.

Along with the G7400, the Odyssey2 is now officially in the show as well. I will have this setup alongside the G7400, as they will most likely be sharing the same TV set (the G7400 using the video inputs, the Odyssey2 using the RF input – yeah, I hate that video upgrade for the O2, so it stays on good old RF!).

Now, besides the RamCart testing, I just need to get that Intellivision updated!

G7400 in action – Clay Pigeon
G7400 in action Clay Pigeon

Close-up of G7400 – ComWorld video convertor
Close-up of G7400 ComWorld video convertor

Mail Day (and more)!

Monday, May 21st, 2007

Well, it always seems that things happen in groups, and today was not an exception. Today I received in the mail:

  • G7400 from Rene, w/updated video and built in Voice (plus something extra)!
  • The Cuttle Cart 3’s showed up as well. Very fast shipping!
  • With these, I can finally get close to finalizing my UC area. I just need to do a test run on the G74000, and get those Cuttle Carts setup. Of course, I still need to do the INTV video mod.

    Speaking of Mods, with my best TV out of the picture, I am now short one TV set. I am looking into another low cost source, but if this doesn’t come through, I may be forced to cut a system from the show! I hate saying it, but I really don’t want to spend too much on another TV set. I will hopefully have an update on the TV situation soon. For now, on with checking out the things I got in the mail today!

    My best TV is dying! :(

    Sunday, May 20th, 2007

    I’ve just gotten one setback that will cost me a bit, or at worst, cause me to pull a system from the show. My best TV, a Zenith 25″, is dying. It keeps getting color blotches on the screen. I have degaused it, numerous times, but the blotches keep coming back. Thus, I am not bringing this to the show – obviously. I may go to Walmart or Kmart early this week to see if I can find a cheap replacement 19″ set, preferably for around $100. I don’t want to spend too much, as I’ve sunk enough money into this years show already. Yeah, you’d be amazed how much I spend on this show each year, all for the enjoyment of people at the show. I don’t make a plum nickel!

    CC3 on its way!

    Saturday, May 19th, 2007

    Got the email that my Cuttle Cart 3 for the Intellivision is on its way! Should be here this coming week. I can’t wait to get this thing and take it for a spin!

    If I haven’t mentioned already (yeah, I could re-read my old post – but I won’t), the G7400 should be heading across the ocean by now. Hope it shows up soon.

    Projects for this week include getting the INTV video update done, and I’m going to finally test my serial adaptor on my Mac with the Ramcart for the Odyssey2! If this serial transfer works, I will be using it on the G7400 – if it gets here in time! As for the Odyssey2, I will be testing it on an old RF television (sorry – I hate the video mod for this system), and if the TV set works with the O2 it will be added to the official ’07 list. I will be using the multi-cart with the O2.

    Atari 7800 and Apple IIgs ready for UC ’07

    Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

    I now have the sixth and seventh systems ready for the Underdog Chamber for ’07.

    First off, I got the new Card Reader for the MMC cards, and I now have a fully functional Cuttle Cart II. The original Card Reader obviously was faulty, as the new one worked like a charm, on the same MMC cards. Of course, I loaded both cards with games, and updated the OS on both CC2 carts. These cartridges will have almost all of the 7800 games (including one of my favorites – Alien Brigade), plus a few selected 2600 games only. I choose to do this mainly because this is the Atari 7800 for the show, so I am focusing mostly on 7800 games, plus only a few of my favorite 2600 games.

    One thing to note, I am not sure yet if Kamino will have the video upgraded Atari 7800 for the show (if you’re out there Kamino – I need that thing soon!). If I don’t hear from him and have the unit by the end of May, I will probably put this system on an older RF TV set. Hopefully this won’t be the case, but I always test stuff before the show, and if it doesn’t get video upgraded in time then it goes on an old TV – simple as that.

    The other system that is now ready to go is the Apple IIgs. As mentioned before, I am going with my original system, with an external hard drive. Games on this system will include GS/OS games, as well as a few older games, and even a very limited selection of 5″ disc games (plus some cool music/video demos too). Highlighted games will include Arkanoid II, Out of this World, Rastan, The Immortal (don’t read the runes), plus older classics like Crisis Mountain, Dino Eggs, Sabotage, and even Return to Castle Wolfenstein (the original classic, not the 1st person shooter remake). Of course, there are more games than I care to list here, but I’m glad to have the IIgs at the show this year. It truly is the Underdog of the Apple II era (since Apple never really advertised it – and let it die a slow death).

    Now, onto the Intellivision video upgrade, which I will try to get done by next Monday (it is a tad complicated – but I hope it works out). Plus I really hope the Cuttle Cart 3 makes it in time for me to actually set it up and use it! Also, I hope the G7400 makes it by the end of May!

    The Atari 7800 – Cuttle Cart II menu
    Atari 7800 Cuttle Cart 2 menu

    Apple IIgs (side shot) – The Immortal
    Apple IIgs side shot The Immortal

    Two systems getting close…

    Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

    I finally got the Intellivision video upgrade instructions today! Thanks!

    This one is a tad more complicated that ones I’ve done so far, but I hope to get it done shortly (but probably not before the Cuttle Cart 3 shows up!). I’m also getting close to getting the Apple IIgs done. I have switched back to my original system, as the one I was going to bring would not play Arkanoid! Have no idea why (I’m still doing a few more test to see if I can get it to work). Otherwise, my main system with the external HD will be at the show!

    P.S. Still waiting on the parts to help attempt in getting the Cuttle Cart II going. I hope this works – I really hate to pull the plug on this system.