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Gamecube set for MGC ’08 Underdog Chamber!

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

First off, Happy Holidays to everyone out there, as today is Xmas day (of course). Hopefully I’ll be getting at least a game or two later today (fingers crossed – ya never know).

But, before heading out to my sister’s house like we do almost every year, I decided to get another system set in stone for the Underdog Chamber 2008 area. Again, I picked a system that is pretty much set to go. Just dust it off, and it is ready, as it has been for many years now. The system, the Nintendo Gamecube, of course. I’ve always wanted to have this in the show for the past two years, but other people wanted to have it in their areas, so I declined. This year, I figure, what the heck. Wether it is in other areas of the Midwest Gaming Classic or not (and it will be), the Gamecube will be up and running in the Underdog Chamber as well.

While other areas will display those iconic games from Nintendo (featuring Mario and such), I will be running ‘other’ games, such as: Burnout 2, Gun, Ikaruga, TimeSplitters 2 and XIII. I’ll have other games available too, depending on what I feel like bringing, but these games are the prime ones for 2008.

Now, onto checking out the Odyssey2 video MOD (and seeing if I can procure some computer batteries for the LAN).

Keep your stick on the ice…

Nintendo Camecube – Selection of GC games
Nintendo Gamecube Gamecube Games

Vectrex ready for MGC ’08 UC area!

Monday, December 24th, 2007

It has been slow the last few weeks, at least in regards to getting ready for the Midwest Gaming Classic for March of 2008. We did have a meeting about a week ago, and things for the show itself are well underway.

As for the Underdog Chamber, I finally started doing some work for the ’08 show. I decided to get the easiest system out of the way first. Thus, I pulled out and got the spider webs off the old Vectrex unit. Yeah, it had some webs on it, even with a dust cover over it. Guess the little buggers thought they’d catch something inside an old game system!?

As expected, the Vectrex works like a charm, and is fully ready for the UC ’08 area. Thus, system #1 is primed and ready to go. Now, onto the next stuff, such as preliminary Quake checkups, and hopefully getting that Odyssey2 video upgrade a try.

Vectrex is ready to roll for ’08!
Vectrex ready!

Preliminary setup (system) list for ’08

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

Here is a rundown of what I had on display at the ’07 MGC show, and comments for now on weather it will return or not for the ’08 MGC show in March:

Apple Macintosh LAN – Quake – This will be back for sure in ’08, as it was a huge hit at the ’07 show. People were playing this setup till 15 minutes before closing time on Sunday (I almost had for force people to stop playing). Only difference from last year, it will be a 7-player setup instead of 6.

Timex/Sinclair 1500 – This will be taken out, to return some other year. It has had its day, for now.

Philips G7400 – This system is out, as I’m downsizing anything Odyssey2 related.

Philips G7200 – Since this system is kind of on the edge of dying (the console I have), I’ve decided that it will not return to any future show (at least not plugged in). Thus a no return for ’08.

Odyssey2 – This will be back again, as it has been at the show in the UC area every year. Due to sentimental reasons, I just can’t drop this system. I will be trying to upgrade the video on this system though, so it looks clearer (and this will be a better video upgrade than the crappy one most people have done over the years).

Intellivision – Undecided. I had to borrow Marty’s system last year, due to problem on my end. Those problems have not been cleared still.

Atari 7800 – Will not be returning for ’08.

Astrocade (Bally) – This is a possible return. Not 100% sure yet.

Arcadia 2001 – Will not make a comeback for at least a few years. It has had it’s day(s) for now.

Apple IIgs – Undecided at this point. A maybe on this one.

Thus, for consoles/computers for the MGC ’08 show, I’m looking at bringing five systems (down from eight in ’07 – I just don’t have the funds/time to do more – hopefully will be bigger again in ’09). Still will be a decent area, with plenty of games and such to play.

Tentative list for consoles/computer systems (besides the Quake LAN):

Apple II (I’m just not sure on this one. I had the GS last year, and it did fairly well. I may bring it back, or put up a IIe instead. Plus an Apple group may be at the show this year. Only 25% sure for now).

Atari 5200 (I would like to bring this system, as it has not been displayed in the UC area before. Would like at least one new thing that I have not displayed before. About 90% sure on this system).

Bally/Astrocade (Not real sure on this system. It did pretty good in ’07, so this is on the ‘maybe’ list, thus only 25% probability that this will be at the ’08 show)

Odyssey2 (this system will be there, 100% sure on that. It wouldn’t be the Underdog Chamber without it).

Intellivision (Would like to, with updated video, but issues still exist from last years attempt. May borrow Marty’s system again if I can’t get one of my own going again. This one is roughly 75% certain for ’08).

TI 99/4A (Never had this in the UC area either. I may give it a try for ’08. 25% change it’ll be there at this point in time).

Vectrex (I would like to see this old classic return for the ’08 show. At this point in time, about 80% sure that it will be there).

And that is it for now. I need to start pulling systems out and doing some testing, to make sure stuff still works. You’d be amazed at what can die just sitting on a shelf!

Underdog Chamber will return for MGC ’08!

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

I’ve been debating this for months now, and finally have decided to just go and do it – the Underdog Chamber for MGC ’08 (even though I don’t have a job yet). My area will be downscaled a bit from prior years (system-wise – not display-wise), to save on money and such. I will be repeating some game systems from prior years, and will try to put in one new system (new in that I have not displayed it before at any MGC show).

As for the Mac LAN – it will return with Quake again – as it did so well in ’07. The only difference will be changing it from a 6-player LAN to 7-player (I have enough units that I can do that without addition cost – just more time needed to setup the other computer).

As for console systems, I will be downgrading from the 8 systems I had in ’07 to around 4-5 total for the MGC ’08 show. This will save on cost, time, and manpower needed to run my area (it was too much for the people I had in ’07).

Thus, is is now a work in progress (to start soon – need to get butt in gear). Will be posting a lot more very soon on getting ready for the UC at MGC in March ’08!