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Some better news for the UC 2009

Monday, July 21st, 2008

A lot can happen in a month, even days, and such is the case with myself (and life in general). I’m still working full-time, and thank God for that. Nothing is for certain, but things are looking bright enough, and I’ve been making plans for the later half of 2008. This includes moving ahead with some things I want to add or change in the Underdog Chamber for 2009.

Things that are back in the works now:
– Expanding the Mac LAN to at least eight computes. I may do more, depending on the game, but that is just a possibility. (Quake can do up to 16, if I wanted too!)
– Still looking at what game to run on the Mac LAN. I’m trying to steer away from Quake (as it ran for two years). For now, I can’t say much on this, as I’m just starting to really look at what I want to run. At the least, I may do Quake again, but only if I can get it on a better OS (and better graphics).
– Still need to video MOD my Odyssey2. Yeah, I still haven’t done it yet. It’s on the back burner still.

That is it for the moment. Just a quick update. Back to getting some college work done (yeah, college). Need to finish some paperwork in the next few weeks…