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Those darn curve balls…

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Another month, and more changes in my life. I’m still working full-time, but am officially still classified as a part-time employee. When I switch back to part-time hours is unknown, but it will probably be before November. Still praying that God will lend a hand and allow me to become a full fledged full-time person again. I don’t need the cut in pay, and I really don’t want to job hunt right now. I’d rather concentrate on college and other things in my life right now. But, if I have to look for a job in the current bad job market, then so be it. Still hope something changes before that though.

As for the UC area, I have not done much work for it yet. I did acquire two G5 Macintosh computers, but am not sure if I’ll put them in the show or not. With what I have now, I could do a smaller LAN with a bit more modern game. I’m debating this as of now, and will post my decision later in the year.

That’s it for this short update. Just something to post for the month of August.