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Late B-day…

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

Between work, sleep, and having family over for a late B-day gathering, I have had no time to work on anything for the show.

That is it… I need to get some things done. More some other day.

More on some video MODs

Friday, February 27th, 2009

I don’t have much time to work on anything today (and most of Saturday – late Bday celebration at my house that day). Last night I was doing some surfing, and finally found the video Modifications (Mods) that I was looking for a bit back. Having looked them over, they are much clearer now. I even got a T/S 1500 Mod, but just hope that keyboard ribbon stays in shape (God willing). If I can Mod it with the cable behaving, it will be used with an old Apple //e monitor, which is what I want (less space). If the cable doesn’t behave (and it better), then it will be taken about of the show. I’ve got the ZX81 open, and the cable in that seems pretty stable still. I just need to figure out why it doesn’t 100% match the Mod drawing. I will try to get these done soon (I hope). I still need to get to that Odyssey2 and create some Apple //e disks too.

So little time, so much to do…

Quake LAN done! :)

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Yes, I actually got the Quake LAN done early this morning. I tested the two B&W Macs (Merv and the Osiris II), which worked as expected. And in trying to get more done as the show approaches, I tried setting up the G4 Quicksilver Mac. Much to my delight, it was much easier than I expected. Thank you Target Disk Mode! The G4 showed up as a drive on the B&W, and I just copied the entire OS9 system over, simple as that (now if I could only do that on somewhat older Macs).

The G4 Quicksilver (names Silver for now) is working with an Apple 17″ LCD screen, so there are slight black bars on the top/bottom of the Quake screen. That is the only issue with older games. They don’t recognize screens that are taller or wider than the old standards. But it works, and that is all I care about, and works well!

Thus Quake is ready for the show – minus digging out the instructions, and printing up a few extra Quake signs. That is a minor issue though.

I did take apart a Sinclair ZX81 to see if I could video MOD it. I hate to say, but the insides do not match the instructions I found online at all. Thus, this goes on the back burner for now. I will attempt to do the Odyssey2 video MOD probably this Saturday or Sunday night. I won’t have time to document it like I wanted to (but will partially), but I want this in the show, with clearer video. If it works (and I hope it does), I’ll know how to do it again, so I can document it for the Odyssey2 community. This is something I’ve promised to do a while back, and I still plan on honoring that promise.

As for feeling like and old drumstick, I’ll admit I am in a much better mode today. I think the 2nd math test at college helped with that, as I am sure I did well on it (at least I hope I did). Won’t know till next week… I hate that wait.

Well, I’m going back to getting some laundry done. Then off to get some sleep. I’m glad the Quake testing is done. On to getting the ZX81, O2, and even though Apple // games working.


Osiris II (B&W Mac) – Silver (Quicksilver Mac)
Osiris II (B&W Mac) Silver (Quicksilver Mac)

Splintered drumstick…

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Yup, like Ringo in the Yellow Submarine movie, I’m feeling a bit like an old splintered drumstick. Too many things to do this week, and so little time to do them. Haven’t we all been there (or are there) at various points in our lives.

I’ve got some homework and studying left to do, after my sleep schedule just got messed up. Yeah, I don’t work or sleep normal hours, and sometimes they get thrown off a bit. That has happened today. Because of such, I won’t have time to work on the B&W Macs till late tonight, and probably into very early Thursday morning. That, and I’ve got someone bugging me about TV sets for the show this year. I don’t mind, but I have not yet figured out exactly what I will need this year, and what I can borrow for the Museum at the show. Time will tell, as always…

Oh, and as for the video MODs for the sinclair equipment, it is looking like I won’t be doing that. Not sure if I have the time, and am a bit worried that the equipment won’t take it (ribbon cables inside the old units are very, very fragile). As for the Odyssey2, I still won’t like to try to get the video MOD in before the show, but time is running out fast for that too. If it comes down to it, I’ll just use good old RF like I have in the past. Yeah, I’ve still got those old TV sets.

Plus, they are changing my area’s shape. So now I am not 100% sure what will fit where and how. Thus, until the Friday before the show, it’ll be somewhat of a guessing game. I’ve done that in 2006 and 2007. It worked out, and I’m sure it will this year, but it makes for a hectic Friday before the show.

iMacs ready for fragging

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

I managed to pull myself up from my current issues, and did the LAN testing on all five iMacs. As would be expected, they worked just fine, even though it was not as fun just being there by myself. Now since I’m getting a bit low on time, I’ve already started on the two B&W Macs (possibly three – not sure if I will use the G4 like I thought, or just use a 3rd B&W). I just put the batteries into the two B&W Macs from last year. The tower macs are just so easy to get to the battery, it is just zip-bam and you are done. I plan on hooking them up to different LCD monitors than I had last year. Will have to see how Quake deals with them, as older games sometimes don’t like monitor with a so-called non-standard screen resolution. One way or another, I want Quake ready and done by the weekend. I still have the instructions from last year. I will need to print up more Quake signs though, as I gave some away last year (because I thought I would be doing a different game this year).

I just hope I can get my homework and studying done in between getting these two Macs ready, and deciding on which one will be the 8th unit (B&W or G4 – the B&W would be easier in the short run – just copy the drive from one of the other units).

Time to get some Z’s. Later…

Quake iMac LAN test – Battery in B&W Mac (white cylinder w/red edge)
Quake iMac LAN test Battery in B&W Mac

Blue monday

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Sorry, but there is no UC information today. Slept most of the day, after the super long work weekend. Then I bumped into some financial problems (no details here – that is my business only). Suffice it to say, but this news put a damper on pretty much the rest of today. Which kind of sucks, as I was in a somewhat better mode this morning after a nice email from a friend.

I’m off to get some housework done then.

Maybe Tuesday… (And there is less than 4 weeks to the show – Ack!)

More snow…

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Well, we got snow late yesterday, and a bit more into last night. Good 6-8 inches, with wonderful drifts over 12 inches. Shoveled once before work, and of course got plowed in big time when I got back. Thus, spent another hour opening up the end of my driveway. Honestly, I can never figure out how they get all the snow from my street and manage to dump most of it in my driveway.

Were the hell is Spring!!!!!!!!!!

Two more for the Quake LAN

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Managed to get in some time early this morning before the long work weekend begins. I got Gort and Invisible Boy up and running (yeah, more named iMacs). Invisible Boy is an original Bondi blue iMac, while Gort is the last generation of the CRT iMacs. All that is left is the last iMac I have in an upstairs room, and then I get to test them – probably on Monday – using the LAN equipment. I do this every year, just to make sure it will all work. Gort did act up a bit, but I hope it was just teething issues (it crashed twice on me while testing – but I was pressing random buttons trying to get the stat part of the screen to appear in Quake – for some reason it was off).

Other than that, I managed to take in a small but cool ice cream social, with my younger niece Stephanie playing violin. Pretty good stuff, and that coming from someone who doesn’t care for out-tune concerts from kids too much. They were all pretty much on track. Nice to see a young one playing in the orchestra. I used to do cello many years ago (and I miss that too some extent).

Okay, that is it for this early morning. I need to get some sleep. I’ll be back again tomorrow, probably with a report on how much snow we got here (nothing yet – but we’re supposed to get like 3-5 inches or so they say).

iMac line-up so far…
iMac line-up so far

No time today

Friday, February 20th, 2009

I’m like super busy today, besides work and sleep, thus nothing special to report here.

Only thing I have to write about is that I wish Spring would get here a little sooner. So darn tired of snow and cold, even though its here every year. Guess I need a vacation or something.

2nd old iMac ready to go

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Still feeling rather under the weather early today, but I managed to prepare another CRT iMac. Again, this basically means putting the battery back in, and of course making sure it boots up and runs Quake. In this case though, it was on a green 333 iMac, which means taking the thing about 1/3 apart to get to the battery. The older iMacs with a tray CD drive are more of a pain to get at the batter (or RAM for that matter).

So, the Blue Raja is ready to go, and I can now test them on the router when I get a chance. This probably won’t be until Monday night though, as I got my darn long weekend coming up fast. Then again, I may have some time Friday night. Time will tell.

For now, time to get some sleep, which I really need.

(Battery is white cylinder object with red edge)
Battery in CD Tray iMac – Battery in slot-loading iMac
Battery in CD Tray iMac Battery in slot-loading iMac