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Inventory time!

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

It has been years since I really went through and did an inventory of everything (and I mean everything) I have. I thought it was about time I did this, and started this last weekend. I’m starting at the bottom, of my house that is. Been checking out some of my fairly old Macs, and have not totally liked what I’ve been finding. Yes, I love collecting this old stuff, but I’ve been seeing too much damage caused by simple aging. Brittle plastic, dead capacitors and the like. I can deal with it to a point, but I’m not replacing some things that have died since even before the show. The cost is just too hight on some of these older systems. You should see what a Mac SE/30 goes for today!

One other thing I’m doing along with the inventory is to see if I can get as many older computers to work with a brand new LCD monitor. I have a good amount of old Apple CRTs, and frankly, they take up too much space. They are too heavy as well, and as CRTs go, they are slowly fading away. I’ve found two so far that have issues. Good chance is I’ll recycle (get rid of) the old CRTs that are not in good working shape, simple as that. I’m not really at all into collecting monitors, just the computers, as a whole. It’ll be interesting to see what shelf space I have left after I get done with the basement inventory.

Thinking about next year (and the Mac LAN)

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Quake has done very well in the last three years. It gets more play every year, but then again, the MGC show gets bigger every year. I’m still debating switching to a new game. However, the prospect of a Quake LAN with more than 8-players is somewhat exciting. I could actually do up to 16-players (probably 15 with a master unit not used for play), but that would involve a hardware upgrade on the network side of things. I’d probably have to go with a 16 port switch, and I would have to be honest in that I’m not sure if Quake would work with that. Yeah, even after taking a networking class, which is why I’m not sure if it would work. Switches are for communication between two machines, not all 16 at one time. I don’t know if all the machines talk to each other, or to the host machine that starts the game. Only way to find out is to ask my old (well last Fall) instructor, ask on a forum, or test it myself. Guess the easiest way would be to ask. Sixteen players sound like a lot of fun, but it would require another addition to my group of UC friends (three people would not be enough anymore – period!)