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‘Mouse Setting’ issue fixed for Quake!!!

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Just a quick post here. I know I’ve mentioned for a few posts here about how ‘mouse settings’ in Quake would crash most of my Macs. I found the culprit today. It was the ‘Software Update’ extension, which in my mind, really doesn’t make any sense. But with it off, Quake works 100% fine, mouse settings and all.

Go figure… 😐

P.S. Officially, the Quake LAN is now 5-player! (more to come)

Quake is officially in the house

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

I had some time early this morning, and I mean early, so I finally got around to hooking up and testing the Quake LAN. For now I have just four machines, three from last year and a brand new one for this year (even though it is an old machine). It was nice to get the LAN running on a new router, with only one hiccup for the hours that I tested it (hiccup – as in one machine crash – it happens). I’m still shooting for an all iMac G3 LAN this year, so I have more machines to work on, but at least I’ve got it officially started.

So at this point in time, the Quake LAN is ‘four-player’. This should go up to at least ‘eight’ by show time, but I won’t make announcements on that until the equipment is ready for it. Just glad to get it started!

Quake LAN (getting there)
Initial Quake LAN

Not there yet with Quake LAN

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

Promised to post something everyday till the MGC show. However, for today, I just put some more RAM into a Bondi iMac and made sure it worked by playing Quake. I actually finished the first part of the game! Never got that far before, which was rather cool. I’ll hopefully be doing LAN testing early Sunday, or late, depending on how things go.

More to come soon…

Slow moving…

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Did not have a lot of time today to work on anything. I did put in an order for some more iMac memory though. I want to max out a few of the units and do some experiments with them for possibly next years MGC show. That is all I will say on that subject.

I still need to pick a few more system for this year too, since I don’t have a full boat yet. This will possibly be done over the coming weekend, when I have some free time. I plan to finally go over my TV set collection and make sure everything is in order (you’d be amazed at what can die sitting on a shelf).

More on Saturday…

No news today (2/25)

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Was planning on doing some LAN testing today, but I’m got schoolwork to do, which is more important right now. Thus it will have to wait till this weekend. Till then, keep your stick on the ice…

(On the side, here are some photos, from the work I did very early this morning (or late last night – not sure how to look at it):

Snow iMac – RAM/CPU imac card
Snow iMac RAM/CPU imac card
Current iMacs (4) – 512MB in Bondi iMac
Current iMacs (4) 512MB in Bondi iMac

Bigger step with Quake (mouse settings)

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

I tried cloning that good working iMac drive over to other older Mac a bit earlier this morning. I ran into problems that I did not expect, like the cloning software not liking the older non-extended format of the old drives. I thought this would turn out to be a bigger project than I wanted.

Not one to be discouraged, I decided to try comparing the system files on both of my original Bondi Blue iMacs, as the game files where the same ( I also found out that one iMac is a B model, while the other is an A). While some system files were newer on the Mac that was getting the ‘out of memory’ error when trying to use the Quake ‘mouse settings’, there were other files that were there too but not on the other iMac. Most of these extra files seemed pretty simple, and you would think that they would not affect Quake (like auto-time setting and such). I decided to match both systems as much as I could anyway, deactivating those few extra and seemingly trouble-free files.

Well, after making the changes and rebooting – and much to my delight – Quake now works on the model A Bondi iMac without getting the error when going into ‘mouse settings’!
Happy, happy, joy, joy!
🙂 🙂 🙂

Now all I need to do is get that to work with around 5+ other iMacs…. 😐
(But, sleep for now, it is very late – or early – depending on how you look at it).

More to come… (testing the LAN – hopefully much later today).

Moving a step closing in Quake (mouse settings)

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Yup, still working on Quake, which I’ll be doing a lot of in the next few weeks. I pulled out my 4th iMac (another original Bondi Blue model), and that one gives the dreaded ‘out of memory’ error when trying to access ‘mouse settings’ in Quake. I have taken both Bondi iMacs apart, and am preparing to clone the one with good ‘mouse settings’ drive to the one that doesn’t. It should work, but I will have to remove some accelerator files (as the one unit has an old CPU accelerator chip in it, with associated files). Fingers still crossed on this. This has to work, period!

Back to cloning. Will probably post an update later in the week (not sure if I’ll have time Thursday – but may squeeze something in later Wednesday night – if I get this one clone done).

I still need to test the two network switches too, as the new cables arrived today! 🙂

Quake update (mouse settings)

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

In prior years, the ‘mouse settings’ option in old classic Quake never worked properly on the old OS 9 machines in my Mac LAN. Could never totally figure out what the issue was, and frankly did not feel like trying to find out (software conflicts are very difficult to fix, especially on old systems – and time is a limit for now too).

Now the odd thing from last year is I found 2 machines where the ‘mouse settings’ work, on a Blue & White unit (or G4 – I forget), and a later model iMac (Indigo).

I’ve managed to copy to entire system on the Indigo iMac to a new Snow iMac model I picked up late last year. It is working good so far, and all I need to do is test it on the LAN. As for older models, I fired up my original Bondi Blue iMac last night, and for some reason beyond me, the mouse settings work!? I don’t recall this unit being functional in that capacity at all, but I’m not complaining at all (in other words – Thanks God). Now I can clone this system over to my other older tray-loading iMacs so the mouse settings won’t crash the system like they normally did (you’d get an out of memory error, which you could not get out of, forcing a reboot). If this works, and it should, I will have ‘mouse settings’ working on all of my iMacs! Fingers crossed on this one. 🙂

More as I get this stuff done… Cloning is not a quick process (plus I have to repair the desktop database every time I clone OS 9 too – not sure why – but guessing it is because each machine has a different name).

(On a quick side note – the Dalmation iMac with the busted bezel is out – maybe can fix it for next year)

If this all goes as planned, there should be 9 (possibly more) iMacs this year for the Mac Quake LAN. It will be awesome!
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Still working on stuff…

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Have not posted in a bit, but I am working on things. Quake is the big thing right now, as I’m trying something a bit different with it this year (like getting ‘mouse settings’ to work and putting in more iMacs). Plus I really need to pull out all my TV sets and see what I all have.

Oh, and I have to rearrange the tables in my ‘room’ too. Fun, fun, fun.

More sooner than later…

Moving into the final dash for ’10

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Only got just over a month to go, and so much to do. The Quake LAN has stalled for now, but at worst, it will be a duplicate of last year’s setup (which I’m trying to avoid). I’m looking into some replacement hard drives for LAN computers, which I should hopefully get next week.

One critical thing that I finally found today, buried deep within the bowls of my so-called office, was the map of the 2009 layout. Why is this so important? Because, it tells me how I can lay things out, based on prior year layouts (that actually worked). I’d be a tad lost without the map. Now I can figure out were the LAN will go (it is not going where the MGC folks think it will). I want it to have more room, as it has always been a bit cramped, in my opinion. Just with a quick glance, it will be tricky getting it setup in a way that will work that way I want it to.

More soon…