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Recaps coming soon…

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

With school starting back up, I’ve been a bit too busy to post anything of substance in the last two days. That will hopefully change soon. I do plan to recap differently than I have in the past. For one, I plan to recap each system, and not just the entire area. I also plan on doing away with the past rating system I was using to show popularity amongst the systems I had on display. Removal of the ratings for 2011 is in simple response to the fact that a lot of my systems did good overall, with only one system standing out as the so-called winner, and one standing way out as the loser for 2011. This will be in the recaps, but without a rating of any type.

So again, stay tuned, and I’ll be posting recaps soon (and hopefully pictures too – maybe even get that 2010 gallery up here!).

(And as for 2012 – there will be some potential big changes in store for that – but that will not be posted here until it becomes much more concrete).

And it is over…

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

As of 5pm (my time), MGC ’11 is officially over.

In all honestly, it was a fun show, simply put. I won’t that at times I wonder why I still do the Underdog Chamber, but I could say that about anything anything in life (to a point). Everything has its good and bad (for lack of a better word) side. In case of MGC (and the Underdog Chamber), it leans a lot more towards to ‘good’ end, and that is wonderful!

For 2011, besides having a very good overall group of people coming through my area, this year proved to be much better in one area. What area would that be? The fact that for some unknown reason, a lot more people asked questions about the systems I had on display for 2011, and that is one thing I really (and I mean really) enjoy about MGC and my UC area. I love talking about the technology, especially when people show an honest interest. To me, that is fun!

Other than that for now though, I won’t deny I’m tired from the show (in a good way). I’m not 21 anymore (by a long shot), and my knees are complaining. I’m going to relax now, watch some Becker, and have a nice meal.

One last thing… I’d like to thank Dan Loosen and Gary Heil for putting the show on (along with the new help they found for this year that will keep MGC going – good for them!). Also ‘thank you’ goes out to (in not particular order – except the first two): Greg Jervis, Erica Woollums, Jeffery Koss, Jennifer Drews, Mark and Jeri Heil, Marty and Marcy Goldberg, Erik Olson, JD Norman, John Brunette, and far too many others to remember at this time. Also thanks to the few folks that I talked to during the show that may be donating things to help with future show!

Bye for the moment (back with pictures, recaps, and other things as I can fit them in).

Sunday, sunday, sunday…

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

It is Sunday, last day of MGC 2011 (all good things end eventually – until the next year). It starts now till 5pm. Be there or be square! Plus it is only $10 to get in on Sunday. Good deal in my book!

Game on… 😉

First day was great!

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

The first day of MGC ’11 is over now, as I am just winding down and getting ready for some needed rest. Rather busy day, with lots of people playing everything I had setup in my UC area. Quake got a really good workout, but it did suffer a casualty (a newer Graphite iMac bit the dust). Other than that, more people than in recent years asking lots of questions about the systems in my area, which is one thing I really like about doing the Underdog Chamber exhibit. That was lacking a bit last year (to a point), but so far, this year has made up for that in a big way. Already have some contacts, made one person rather happy he came to the show (will tell the story at a later date), and even got at least one lead on getting some things donated to me to help with the UC exhibit (which I don’t make money on – I actually loose hundreds each year in what I invent into it – period). Love of the hobby, simply as that (not love of money and such).

I’m rather tired though now (Saturday is fun, but it is a long day). Off to get some rest, then back to the show from 10 to 5. Later… 🙂

It starts (for real). MGC 2011

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

As of 10am, the show is officially open. The UC area, as I did last year, will open around 11am (why, because I like to shop first – looking for possible rare deals – before I open my exhibit – otherwise I don’t get that chance). Its only one hour, gamers will live.

Game on… (at 11am)! 😉

Setup (almost) complete. Ready for the Weekend!

Friday, March 25th, 2011

After roughly eight hours, the UC area is ready for the weekend (for the most part). Console and the Quake LAN tested and ready, but there were a few snags. Nothing that can’t be dealt with, but it means getting there a tad early on Saturday to fix a few things.

First, I brain farted on the Quake LAN, and did not have the proper routers, meaning that currently the LAN is only 10-player. I need to bring my spare 8-port unit in early so that I can bump that back to 11-player as intended. This should work fine, it is just a bit of extra work. I originally brought an 8 and a 5 port router, forgetting that one port on each is needed to cross over to the middle of the room, plus one port for a controller machine. That is 13 – 2 – 1 = 10. Thus the need for an additional 8-port router (in place of the 5-port one), which I do have in the basement (just need to dig that out before going to bed).

I forgot to print a few ‘do not touch’ sign, for things that I don’t want folks messing with, like the LAN controller. Easy enough to print those up now.

Bumped into a problem on one TV, and didn’t have the remote to easily fix it (thanks to John for helping with a temporary fix). Will bring controller, just in case on that one.

And lastly, ended up with a bum controller on my Sega Dreamcast unit, so I have to get out another unit for possible two player games. Not sure what happened, as it tested out okay weeks ago, but the 2nd controller just would not work at all on any port. Sucks when that happens, but it does, just part of collecting older stuff.

A few other nit picky things, but those will be ironed out in the morning. See you there (if your going)!

(P.S. as of midnight, have gathered things to make corrections/fixes. See you gamers on the weekend!)

UC area ready to go
Console area of the UC exhibit

And we’re off…

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Probably the earliest I’ve woken up in a long time. Going to be a busy day setting up, as it always is. I always wonder how the bigger displays do it (some always down to the last minute, but that’s just how it goes). Going to be a great weekend! 😀

Friday setup…

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Due to some issues, I am not doing any early setup tonight. Hopefully things will smooth out better on Friday. That is all. Tired, time to just relax before the big show, which is fun but a lot of work.

Extra surprise for this weekend!

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Just finished with the last of the packing, including the keyboards and enough plugs to go around. All I’m doing now is charging up my camera batteries.

On the side, I’ve put in a extra system this year, dating back to 1972. The secret word is ‘MARX’, and that is all I have to say, as it will be on display in the UC area. Hopefully it keeps going, as it is somewhat worn out, but I loved this thing as a kid. Real surprised that it still works, but it does make some nasty noises now and then.

Later folks! 🙂

(Pretty much) ready for show.

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

I’ve got almost all of the packing done, with a few things left to go (like keyboards). I’ve got the paperwork done too. And for those wondering, paperwork is what I call the signs and such that I put up at the show (see photo). May not seem like much, but it takes time to do this stuff.

I finished putting together the music mix for the UC room (thanks again to Erica for helping with this). Should be fun.

I’m going to cut my hair now (getting a tad too long for my liking), and finish packing those keyboards. Tomorrow starts the setup at the show (just a bit for Thursday, most will be done on Friday).

See you at the show (be there, or die [not literally of course])! 😀

Paperwork (aka – display stuff)
Getting the signs together