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Recaps and stuff still coming (sometime)

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Been a bit too busy with other thing, such is life, to post recaps and such. For now though, a picture taken by a friend, which shows who was helping out guarding stuff in the UC area. Personally this guy walking around was damn cool! 🙂

Stormtrooper invades MGC

Stormtrooper invades MGC

Wizards (film)

Monday, March 26th, 2012

For those Ralph Bakshi fans out there, Wizards is out on blu-ray. Watched it last night, and after all this time (35 years), I still like this movie a lot. Won’t deny it has some rough spots, but it works overall, and I just love Bakshi’s animation style(s). I could definitely see the pre-animated Lord of the Rings style is parts of this cool movie.

Interesting information I only just found, is that Main Street Pictures is working on a sequel to the 1977 Wizards animated feature. The new film is to be produced by Mark Bakshi and Aaron Parry. Will be cool if they can get this done, as I’d love to see a sequel, and one done right hopefully.

Sunday night, and MGC 2012 is over

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

It was another great day on Sunday for the Midwest Gaming Classic. A bit less crowded, but it always is on Sunday. Still had a fun time, and bumped into a few more friends, which is always great. UC area had only two casualties for the weekend, a Channel F cartridge slot, and a Steel Battalion controller with a minor glitch on part of the huge thing (hopefully both will be fixable).

I’d post more, but honestly like every year, I am worn out from the show. Going to relax for the rest of the night and watch a Ralph Bakshi cartoon that just came out on blu-ray (Wizards). Will post more stuff, and a recap eventually here, time permitting (I still have schoolwork to do).


Saturday, saturday, saturday

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

Saturday at the Midwest Gaming Classic is over (has been for a bit), and it was a blast. The Underdog Chamber did rather well, with Quake and Steel Battalion getting the most attention, bare-none. Kind of figured on that though. Quake just does well every year. Steel Battalion was confusing for a lot of folks (not for a few), but they still loved even playing it for a while, just for the unique experience of it. Best quote I heard from an early Saturday morning show attendee, was ‘that alone (Steel Battalion) made the $20 (for the show) totally worth it’. Just loved the comment.

Was great seeing old friends again, and a few new ones as well. That part of the show will never get dull. Thanks to everyone I met today (and for tomorrow to come)! 🙂

Won’t deny I’m tired now, so off to sleep soon. Not getting younger, so I need that sleepy time.

Friday night, and setup is done!

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Took from 10am to around 7pm, but the Underdog Chamber is ready to go. The four-players Steel Battalion setup looks fantastic, and I need to get a video of it in action, as it looks damn cool with how the buttons flash in sequence even when the game is just sitting there. Consoles were not too hard to setup, but we did end up borrowing a few small boxes to raise monitors due to the console units blocking the displays (those little details you don’t think about till your there). The Quake LAN was the last thing quickly tested, and it is working like a charm (and it better stay that way too).

All for now folks. Tired, sleepy time, then the big show day Saturday/Sunday. Will be fun, but it is tiring to a point too for me (it is actually work to a point, unless your just going to the show, then it is all fun – you lucky folks you!). I still find it worth it though, just to share one of my favorite hobbies with a lot of people. That is what truly counts.

Steel Battalion Setup

Steel Battalion Setup

Part of the Quake LAN

Part of the Quake LAN

Late pre-setup…

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Getting rather late in the day. I’ve got everything boxed, taped, wrapped and ready to go. I did not do the extra display board that I wanted to do. There just isn’t enough time. I am spending the remaining time updating signs on had on the walls last year for all the systems. These signs showed the year of the system, generation, how many sold (if known), and the systems main competition.

I got some folks that didn’t like the signs last year, but that isn’t the main reason I’m redoing them. They are being modified because I want them changed. I’m removing the competition system (who cares), and putting in a Underdog rating scale instead (much more fun and graphical). Will have to see how it goes over, but right now, I like it – and sometimes that is what counts. 😛

Later guys and gals… (see you Friday J.D., Tom, Marty, and too many more to list here)

Packing day 2012

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Day before setup time for MGC 2012, and I’ve spent many hours packing things into boxes and such. Still have a bit to go, and then will try to get one last display board done. Other than that, fairly ready for the big setup day on Friday. It is supposed to rain, so that may slow things down a bit, with getting material to and from vehicles. Not too worried though, as this has happened a few times in the past.

That is all for now. Tired, but will do more work, then for some nice sleep time. Will probably not report back here until late Friday, with a few snap shots hopefully.

On a side note, managed to get some of the schoolwork done too (see Flash Ad below).

Colorclash arrives in time!

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Was hoping this would happen, and it dd. Colorclash, a new home brew game for the Odyssey2 (and Videopac) arrived today in the mail. All I can say is that this made my day (and brightens over last night). Thank you Martijn for getting this game out in a timely fashion. Another home brew for the O2 for the show this weekend! 🙂

And for those few Odyssey2/Videopac fans out their, get over to the Videopac/Odyssey Forum, where you find out about anything related to these systems – and find a lot of cool people that love these gaming consoles too!

Colorclash for the O2/VP

Colorclash for the O2/VP

Does anyone care what time it is?

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Only two days left before setting up the Underdog Chamber for the Midwest Gaming Classic. Doesn’t seem like much, and it is not. Just wish I was a little more ready, but as I mentioned some posts back, I’ll have ready what I have ready, and that is the best I can do. I won’t go into late last night and very early this morning, which wasted too much of my time, but stuff happens.

As for today, I need to box console systems up, and make sure I have the correct games I need too. THe games I will preferably store in a ‘game’ box, just so I can swap out games easier over the weekend. Also want to get one more display board done, but that will be rather tough to squeeze into my hours today. For now, eat, schoolwork, and then MGC work.

Never thought about it too much, but I wonder if the other areas go through this same stuff every year. I know at last one guy that always seems to fly by the seat of his pants – no offense intended – just seems that way. Ah well, off I go. Later folks.

Testing all done. Packing begins for 2012

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Testing for the Quake LAN is complete, with all 9 iMacs and the one G4 controlling unit ready and waiting to ship out for setup on Friday. No problems were encountered, except for a few screen adjustments on the old G3 iMacs. One ‘blueberry’ iMac shows indications that the screen is near its end (contrast/brightness at max, and still a tad dark), but it is acceptable for the show, but I may get the CRT replace later in the year (shouldn’t cost too much). (For those who know me a bit, the iMacs for this year are: Alice, Amber, Blue Raja [back from his accident on the 2nd day of MGC 2011], Frosty, Gort [my favorite], Hawk, Ruby, Jasper, and Violet Beauregarde – and Silver too).

I’ve got the iMacs stacked on the basement table, nice a neat, along with keyboards, mice, and power cords, and more. Even did a tweak on the Quake/Mac display board (and updated the UC display board as well).

Plan on doing classwork for a while, and will pack up the video game consoles on Wednesday. Thursday will be last minute day, where I make sure I got everything I need, plus spares of thing to boot.

Feels rather nice to get the LAN testing out of the way. Will be interesting to see how the room layout will work this year, as the consoles will be encroaching into the Quake LAN area a bit, unlike prior years. Got to do what you have to do. Only so much room, and so much that can be on display.

iMacs for 2012 - ready to go

iMacs ready to ship out on Friday