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Sega Saturn for 2013 UC line-up (plus more Macs)

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

It may be nine months away, but I told myself that I’d prepare more ahead of time for 2013. No more mad dashes in the last few weeks if I can help it. In that light, I have been acquiring some new (but still old) equipment for 2013 (and readying older UC classics too).

The first thing is the Sega Saturn console, a new underdog system for the Underdog Chamber for 2013. This cool 32-bit system was only for sale from 1995 to 1998, at least in the States (it lasted a bit longer in Japan). For now it looks like I will be concentrating on the light gun games for the Saturn, using a pair of Sega Stunner guns. I’ll have to work on where I position this system during the show, as it will require one or two people standing near the system, and using the Stunner controllers on a CRT TV set. This won’t work on newer LCD sets, which I did not realize until testing the system last week. Oh well, can’t win them all. 🙁

The Sega Saturn has made an impression on me so far, I won’t deny that, even with outdated 32-bit graphics. I was never one to cut a system strictly on graphics, and it is an older 5th generation system anyway. While it may not have lived a long healthy console life, it still has a great bunch of games available for it. For the show in 2013, so far I will have these games to choose from (more to be added before the actual show – it takes time to get more games):
– Area 51
– Die Hard Trilogy
– Maximum Force: Pull the Trigger
– Virtua Cop
– Virtua Cop II
– (plus possibly some non-light gun games, yet to be determine)

That aside, I acquired some more Mac system from Matt, my area local equipment supplier (when it comes to older computers). A few G4 units and a bunch of G3 iMacs are what was bought, and a few of the iMacs will be added to the Quake LAN. Some of these are newer units too, from the later half of the G3 iMac line (better graphics and faster processors). I still hope someday to try a somewhat updated version of classes Quake, but I make no promises on that. For now, it will be classic Quake on Classic Mac OS 9. Last year I had a 9-player setup, and 11-players the year before. For 2013, I would like to beat the old numbers, possibly shooting for a 13-player setup (13 units with the controlling G4 computer, making for 14 computer total). And no, I don’t believe in numbers meaning anything – they are all made of of zeros and ones in the digital world, so 13 is not an issue. Besides, it’ll be 2013, and 13 works for that. This is still in the works though, so don’t hold be to that number. Suffice it to say, I’m going to ‘try’ to have the largest Quake LAN I’ve had so far, and the most I could ever do is 16 anyway (that is as far as the game goes).

So for now, I need to spend some time cleaning up these iMacs, and making sure they are setup the way I want them. Plus I will have to do my usual burn-in testing for newer equipment, which means a day of playing Quake with some friends, just to make sure there will be no surprised for the UC area in 2013.

That is all for now. Enjoy the summer, and I’ll be back eventually, with more UC and/or MGC news.

Sega Saturn

Sega Saturn and Stunner light gun

More old Macs for 2013!?

Acquiring more older Macs for Quake and more