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Yellow multi-cart on its way back to the States

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

I sent out a multi-cart to be update a while ago, but not too long ago. And I just got word that it is shipping back tomorrow, so it should be here within a week or so. For those still wondering, it is going to be an updated Channel F multi-cart, with better software to control the games. Reset on the console will no longer go back to the menu, but keep the same game going (there is a different rest sequence to get to the menu). This will help greatly at the MGC show in 2013 (at this point, I plan on bringing back the Channel F, for the 3rd year now).

Now I need to fix the Channel F that stumped the Ben Heck group. Yes, believe it or not, I stumped them in early 2012 at MGC. They could not fix the cartridge port on my Channel F model II. I think I can. I’ll write up a much more detailed report here, if and when I can fix the Channel F. Till then, stay out of this bloody heat! 🙁