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Slow summer…

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Will not deny that not enough was done for the 2013 show this summer like I had originally planned to do. Just how it goes sometimes. I have some equipment in place to test and/or setup, but that is on the back burner as school starts up again – and I get to see how much work this semester may entail. Till then, I still need to fix my Channel F (to be featured a special article here if/when this gets done), setup more iMacs, and get a few more systems ready ahead of time.

One thing that needs testing too, gotten for me by my friend Jeff, is another Steel Battalion controller. Hopefully working good and will take the place or help repair the one that went on the fritz at the 2012 show. Hope to get this dropped off at Greg’s place, where he has the system and software to run the tests on the complicated controller.

Till then, enjoy what is left of the summer, and will post more as time permits.