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Steel Battalion controller lives again (sort of)

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

At the past show in 2012, one of the Steel Battalion controllers went on the fritz. Thanks to a friend (Jeff), another controller with the actual box was found in Madison, for a darn good price (being untested). This unit has finally been tested, and besides missing the ejection cover and a small cable (which is easy to get), the controller works 100%! Thus Greg has two working units again, and will probably look around for a low cost controller to replace the left hand controller on the still broken one (no need to get another foot pedal, just the upper part). Either way, good news. Debating if we will go to just two units for 2013, to make room for other things.

On the side, I’m debating as to wether I will display the ZX81 the usual way (iTunes digitized commercials), or try again with a few games on it. Thinking about this because of some new home-brew games for the old Sinclair computers from someone who does Odyssey2 home-brews too. Will have to test them out first, as the ones I want are not yet available. Shortly though.

Till then, Fall is almost here, and school has started again too.