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2013 is almost here…

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Almost here, and so much to do. It is that time of the year when I realize, time to get my butt in gear. Have been working on some things for the UC area, but for the moment, am not going to say much.

For now, Happy New Year, and I’ll have more as we approach the show in March.

Packrat and the UC

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Ownership of Packrat Video Games is moving along, bit by bit (no pun intended). Online ordering for Packrat will cease on December 15th, until sometime in January 2013. There have been a few snags (slowdowns) that will prevent me from fully ramping up the Packrat site in January of 2013 like I would have wanted to. But in all, things will get up to speed, and I can come out with the new products that I’ve been slowing working towards. First product will probably be the Packrat Six-Pack (something of interest to European collectors of O2/VP games – more on that at another time).

MGC 2013 comes into play, in that I will be selling a small selection of games (and maybe more) within the UC area. Not sure yet, but may change the UC name to the Packrat Underdog Chamber, or PUC for short. Still debating that one.

As for introducing a new game at MGC 2013, that remains to be seen. Production of PCBs for the O2/VP will take longer than I first expected, so it may cut it rather close. At the least, I would like to demo a new cartridge for the Odyssey2 at the show, and maybe even a new 2600 game too. Time will tell.

For now, back to Finals week (and a half) for college.

Till then, hope everyone has a great holiday season!