Odyssey2 – 2013 recap

My favorite (sentimental) console form when I back much younger (and today too) was of course in the 2013 U.C. exhibit. It was setup as part of the Packrat Video Game corner (along with the 2600). As per last year, the Odyssey2 fairly slight better than average for gameplay, which is rather good considering the true underdog status of this console from the last 70’s and early 80’s. Even had a few Packrat fans show up, a bit excited to see Packrat back in the show, but a tad sad that I was not selling games (another story in itself).

For 2013, I had running mostly home-brew games for the Odyssey2, some from Packrat along with some from other home-brew producers. Never had a problem showing off anything for this wonderful system. Unlike last year, I did not run just one game a day. I did have a few of the Revival games running throughout the weekend, such as Mage, Stairrunner, and Air Assult, plus other home-brews such as Fatso (which did rather well running alongside Fast food on the 2600 – in fact, Fatso did pretty good overall). Many of the Packrat games did well too, but due to some technical difficulty, I was only able to run the upcoming Traffic game and a bit of Shooting Gallery, and not a few others in the pipeline from Packrat.

None-the-less the Odyssey2 did a good job of entertaining folks, and even garnished some personal conversation with a few fans of the system. This made having it at the show all the more worth it, as that is the best part of being there – talking and sharing stories with gaming fans.

So 2013 was another good year for the Odyssey2, with just a few issues with some games I wanted to test. Still considered a good run, and by next year, I definitely plan on being able to sell games in the Packrat corner of true Underdog Chamber.

Odyssey2 popularity rating for 2013: C+

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