Quake LAN – 2013 recap

Been some months, but finally getting around the the last recap from 2013, the Quake LAN. As per last year, no changes were made for the setup, with a Classic Quake LAN on 9 older iMac G3 computers. As per every year that this has run in the Underdog Chamber, it was the most popular thing in the room, bar-none.

Gamers of all ages enjoyed fragging each other the entire weekend. Unlike prior years though, there was a nice steady flow of people playing the game, with no afternoon surge like we would usually get. There were no system break downs, with the exception of two machines having the game slightly messed up (control-wise) — not a big deal. I’m keeping this last recap short, simply stating that Quake did very well, and it will return again next year. Wether it stays on OS 9 of moves to OSX Tiger is another story (it will happen some year).

Quake LAN (9-player) popularity rating for 2013: A+

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