Sega Saturn – 2013 recap

Another new (but old) system to the U.C. area for 2013 was the Sega Saturn, another underdog system that was cut off before it truly reached its true potential back in the mid 90’s. Not that it doesn’t have a nice selection of some great games for it, during the time it available from 1995 to 1998. This 5th-generation 32-bit system has a nice look to it, a good selection of accessories, and is just a great gaming machine. The PlayStation is what ended up killing it in sales, and making the Saturn an underdog system in the process.

For the U.C. area, it was decided to focus on light gun games for the Saturn, and it was setup so – even with a CRT TV set (which is needed for the older light gun systems). This turned out to be a good choice, as the system had a lot of people playing the small selection of light gun games that were running during the MGC show, which included Maximum Force, Area 51, and Die Hard Trilogy. It was rather cool to see the different ways that people played the light gun games, including one group of guys that just used a finger flick in front of the gun to reload, instead of aiming off to the side like most folks did (including myself). Nice way to keep your aim and reload at the same time!

Even though the Sega Saturn was not in the ‘sweet spot’ (see prior posts for that), this disc-based console managed to come in as the highest ranking system in the Underdog Chamber, with the usual exception of Steel Battalion and the Quake LAN. Good job Saturn. It may possible make a return next year, but with a focus on non-light gun games.

Sega Saturn popularity rating for 2013: A

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