Steel Battalion – 2013 recap

Back again after being such a success last year, Steel Battalion was in full form for the Underdog Chamber for the 2013 show. Just like last year, we had setup four Xbox units running Steel Battalion: Line of Contact, with its wonderful game-play, and of course the huge controllers with tons of buttons and switches – and foot petals too. All for the great experience of a realistic tank simulation game.

As noted for last year, Steel Battalion is a vertical tank game, and one which is made as realistic as possible (thus the crazy but super cool controllers). Unlike last year, it seemed that Greg (the guy who owns all the S.B. units) had less time walking gamers through actually playing the game, but that was in part due to some amount of repeat show attendees from last year (and you won’t hear any complaints about that). Difficult as it can be to play this game, it always draws in gamers, and the four units setup were pretty much in constant use the whole weekend.

Unlike last year though, we did not hook the Steel Battalion units up in a LAN. That proved too much trouble last year, and gamers did not seem to have an issue with us doing single player this year (even though we had one request for a LAN, but the guy did not deliver on bringing in four experienced players). We also did not have anything go out this year, which is a plus, as things can break – and with the amount of things on the Steel Battalion controllers, there is a higher risk of something happening – but it didn’t.

Overall Steel Battalion was a smash hit once again for the Underdog Chamber, right along with Quake on the other side of the room. This setup will continue to be a staple from now on in the U.C. room, so expect it back for 2014. This unique gaming experience is something that you have to experience, at least once, to truly understand how good it is.

Steel Battalion (xBox) popularity rating for 2013: A+

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