Tele-Games Video Arcade – 2013 recap

With the Packrat mini-display in the U.C. room for 2013, the Tele-Games Video Arcade (aka 2600) made a return for the exhibit, partially to display some of the older Packrat releases, along with some other underdog games for the 2600 system. Just wish I had more Packrat games at that time, but you do what you can.

At the time of the show, there was only a very limited amount of Packrat games to display, with Skeleton+ doing best in that category. Other non-Packrat games that faired well were Coke Wins (which got some good laughs – which was expected), Reactor, Solar Fox, and more. The best part honestly was running Fast Food alongside Fatso on the Odyssey2 for a while on saturday. This got some decent comments, and one really good conversation with a gamer who was into these older consoles.

While the Tele-Games unit faired well for gameplay in the Underdog Chamber area for 2013, it did not do more than average at best, which I find a bit sad. A few too many people walked by the unit, without even trying to play a game. That always puzzled me, as why did they pay for the show then? Each to their own I guess, as I think part of it is just the simple fact that the aging 2600 system (and this clone) are fading a bit from the public limelight.

Thanks once again to Jeff Koss for loaning me his Tele-Games unit. This will be back gain in 2014 if at all possible, just because I expect to be able to actually sell at least one new 2600 game at the show by then. That will be something I’m truly looking forward to, plus I will also be putting up the usual underdog games too.

Tele-Games Video Arcade (2600) popularity rating for 2013: C-

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