Underdog Chamber 2012 setup

Video game consoles, games, and computer systems to be in the Underdog Chamber for MGC 2012:

Apple Macintosh LAN running Quake – (9-player) – Classic Quake will return for 2012, with a 9-player LAN setup (down a bit from 2012, due to space limits). Stop by and frag your friends with this great multi-player classic run on G3 iMac computers.

3DO – Back in the show after a few years, the 3DO underdog will be displaying a nice selection of games for 2012: Blade Force, Gex, Icebreaker, Out of This World, and Road Rash.

Fairchild Channel F – Back again after doing rather well last year, the Channel F will be highlighting Alien Invasion, Dodge It, and a rather good version of Pac-Man (home-brew game). Other games will be preset as well (all of them in fact).

Odyssey2 – Always on display at the Underdog Chamber, the Odyssey2 is back again, this time running a variety of home-brew games for 2012. Revival-Studios will be spotlighted, with two recent releases, along with games from other O2/VP programmers too. Come and enjoy a great old 8-bit console.

Radio Shack TV Scoreboard – A first for the UC area, a 1st generation Pong-based system, by Radio Shack from 1977. This little beauty will be running Practice, Squash, Hockey, and Tennis. It will also have two light gun games, Skeet and Target, using one of those cool old guns that looks rather real, not like today’s stuff. Stop by an enjoy a great little underdog Pong system from the 70’s.

Sega Dreamcast – Back again for 2012, Sega’s last console system makes another appearance, this time as the underdog to a more popular 6th Generation system. Potential games running: Bangai-O, Crazy Taxi, Demolition Race: No Exit, Chu Chu Rocket, House of the Dead 2, Ikaruga, and possibly more.

Starpath Supercharger – An add-on module for the 2600 (and tele-games) system, that made for bigger and more graphical games on the 2600. Three games will be highlighted: Communist Mutants From Space, Rabbit Transit, and The Official Frogger.

Steel Battalion: Line of Contact (via Xbox) – We have a new entry into the UC area for 2012, this time with what is considered an underdog game for the original Xbox system. Steel Battalion: Line of Contact is the game, and it won’t be alone. We will have four systems hooked up, to make a great 4-player LAN system. This is something gamers do not want to miss!

Super A’Can – This 4th generation console that was sold in Taiwan will be on display for the UC 2012 exhibit. The system is being loaned to the UC area thanks to John from the modern museum (thanks), and will be running four games: C.U.G. (Journey to the Laugh), Sango Fighter, Son of Evil and Speedy Dragon.

Tele-Games Video Arcade (2600 clone) – The king of the 2nd generation consoles, the Atari 2600 (via a Sears clone), enters the UC area for 2012. With it will be around 20 or so underdog and under appreciated games, titles you don’t think about much when you mention the Atari 2600, but are fun games anyway.

Timex/Sinclair 1000 – The Timex/Sinclair is back again with the T/S 1000 for 2012. With the help of the ZXpand (flash card/memory expansion unit), it will be running digitized iPod commercials, and will run alongside a monitor/computer running iTunes with songs and videos too.

Vectrex – This late 2nd generation self-contained console is back again for 2012, focusing on home-brew games, and highlighting three games from Revival Studios. Come sit down to this small but spectacular gaming system, and enjoy a blast from the past.

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