Underdog Chamber 2013 setup

Video game consoles, games, and computer systems to be in the Underdog Chamber for MGC 2013:

Apple Macintosh LAN running Quake – (9-player) – Classic Quake will return for 2013, with a minimum 9-player LAN setup, but we are shooting for a 13+ player LAN. Simply put, for 2013, the plan is the largest Quake LAN we’ve done so far. Stop by and frag your friends with this great multi-player classic run on G3 iMac computers.

Arcadia 2001 – Returning even though I said it might never do so, this 100% true underdog system from 1982 returns for a special showing, this time with a unique multi-cart. Highlighted games that will be on display will include: Alien Invaders, Alien Invader, Cat Trax, Doraemon, Jump Bug, Pleiades, Red Clash, Robot Killer, Space Attack, Space Vultures, Spiders, The End, and Turtles.

Fairchild Channel F – Back for it’s third year in a row within the UC area, this time with an updated Channel F multi-cart, and a repaired cartridge port (which stumped the Benheck Experience back in 2012). Feature games will include Alien Invasion, Dodge-It, Spitfire, Video Whizball, and more.

Intellivision – Back in the Underdog Chamber, from a three year absence, is the Intellivision – one of my favorite classic systems, and still an underdog console wether people believe it or not. The new DIIK Arcade game will be on display, along with the likes of AD&D Misty Mountain, Astrosmash, Dragonfire, Night Stalker, and many, many more.

Odyssey2 – Always on display at the Underdog Chamber, the Odyssey2 is back again, this time running games and a few demos of upcoming Packrat Video Games for this console (Traffic, Minefield, and Shooting Gallery). Revival-Studios games will be spotlighted as well, showing off some of their older and brand new games for this great 8-bit console.

RCA Studio II – In the U.C. exhibit for 2013 is the hard core underdog system, the not well known RCA Studio II, a somewhat crude console that was beat big time by the Channel F and 2600. This unique system will be on display this year, and will be featuring games such as Bowling, Space Wars, Squash/Tennis, and a few others.

Sega Saturn – For the first time in the UC exhibit, the Sega Saturn will be in the 2013 show, specializing in Stunner gun games. Some of the games running will be Area 51, Die Hard Trilogy, Maximum Force: Pull the Trigger, Virtua Cop, Virtua Cop II, and more.

Steel Battalion: Line of Contact (via Xbox) – Back again for 2013, this setup is considered an underdog game for the original Xbox system. Steel Battalion: Line of Contact is the game, and there will be four systems for gamers to enjoy. This is something gamers do not want to miss!

Tele-Games Video Arcade (2600 clone) – The king of the 2nd generation consoles, the Atari 2600 (via a Sears clone), returns to the UC area for 2013. One of the great Packrat games – Skeleton+ – will be on display, along with a selection of underdog games for the 2600, such as Coke Wins, Laser Gates, Reactor, Solar Fox, and more.

Timex/Sinclair 1000 – The Timex/Sinclair is back again with the T/S 1000 for 2013, with the help of the ZXpand (flash card/memory expansion unit). This year will be special, as the T/S 1000 will be running Revival-Studios games that use the joystick and sound off of the ZXpand unit. Mazogs and 3D Monster Maze will be present too, with joystick control too.

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