Underdog Chamber 2014

Video game consoles, games, and computer systems to be in the Underdog Chamber for MGC 2014 (10th anniversary of the UC exhibit):

Apple Macintosh LAN running Quake – (8-player) – Classic Quake returned once again for 2014, with an 8-player LAN setup. Nothing like fragging your friends with this great multi-player classic run on G3 iMac computers.

Bally (Astrocade) – This system has been out of the UC area for a few years, thus returned for 2014. This true underdog console had some great games running on it, with a nice display using an upgraded S-video output.

Nintendo Gamecube – This has been the most modern underdog gaming console in the UC area for a while, and was back again for 2015. It was running a few outstanding games during the show, and got a decent amount of play time.

Odyssey2 – Always on display at the Underdog Chamber, the Odyssey2 is was again, running new games and a few demos of games from Packrat Video Games, LLC for this console (Traffic, Shooting Gallery / Minefield, and more). 2600connection and Videopac Is @Live games were on display as well, showing off some of their older and brand new games for this great 8-bit console.

Steel Battalion: Line of Contact (via Xbox) – Back once again for 2014, this setup is considered an underdog game for the original Xbox system. Steel Battalion: Line of Contact is the game, and there were four systems for gamers to enjoy.

Tele-Games Video Arcade (2600 clone) – The king of the 2nd generation consoles, the Atari 2600 (via a Sears clone), returned to the UC area for 2014. Games from Packrat Video Games, LLC were on display, and for sale too. Old games, and hopefully a new game too, as well.

Atari 7800 – A true underdog, showing off the many good arcade ports to this gaming console.

Vectrex – Returning again for another run in ’14, the Vectrex was setup to run a specific selection of games for this very fun underdog console from the early 80’s.

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